Episode Drop: Eric Nam

From non-profit work to becoming a K-pop icon and GQ Korea's 2016 Man Of The Year

Eric Nam: The Other Side of K-Pop

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Episode Notes:

Eric Nam is one of the most exciting powerhouse talents in entertainment. The Atlanta-born talent is a singer, songwriter, TV host, entrepreneur, and K-pop icon, garnering over 300 million streams. Alongside his two brothers, he also runs one of the top podcasts in the industry.
I was told that Eric is one of 'the most loved male artists' in Korea, and now I understand why. While most K-pop idols seem out of our reach, I really appreciate Eric for his down-to-earth personality and authenticity. In our conversation, we discuss his experience growing up as an Asian American, his international non-profit work, struggles with depression, quitting his job, and getting an email the next day to start his K-pop career. 
Eric is an inspiration for me to seize the media space as an Asian American creator. Whether or not you're a K-pop fan, this is an amazing story about finding your calling, chasing after experiences while you're young, knowing when it's ok to quit, building a business with family, and becoming one of the most beloved creators in the world.

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