Episode Drop: Robin Chan

The lowest valleys to the highest mountain tops, business and career advice, and becoming an eternal student.

The GOAT | Angel Investor, Climate Change, Venture Capital, Uber, Twitter

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Robin Chan is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and one of my best friends. Last year, we co-founded Goat Capital, a $50 million seed fund. He has been an early investor in some of the biggest companies around the world from Silicon Valley to China, including Uber, Square, Twitter and XiaoMi.

Robin is someone I really admire beyond his business acumen and success. In this conversation, we talk about when we first met while I was still working on Justin.TV, investing in climate change, and meeting Jack Dorsey for the first time. We discuss learning to put yourself in uncomfortable situations, becoming a student of the world, and constantly asking questions. One thing I’ve learned from Robin is the importance of creating an environment focused on giving to others, with no expectations attached. You’ll learn to focus on building meaningful relationships instead of transactional connections.

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