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I was curious to what happened with Atrium. Thanks for posting this.

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Thank you so much for sharing such a great insight, Justin!

As I'm a founder who failed once before, I really resonated with this article!

Here's a list of my highlights that I really resonated with from this article and my notes:

>> As a technology startup, product is paramount. Justin and his team did not focus enough on differentiating their product as an effective, efficient enough solution to the current problem.

>> Without clearly defined goals between the co-founders, huge frictional costs arose.

✍️ Note: this was a part of the reasons why I failed at my first startup...

>> Justin himself was barely interested in legal service and legal tech, and the company could not identify who they were building for.

✍️ Note: I think this is a red flag...

>> Sometimes things are tough and you will fail spectacularly. But failure itself does not define you. How you deal with the pain and move on to discover what’s important to you is what really matters when it’s all said and done. No matter what ordeal you’re going through, trust that you will emerge a better and stronger person for it. You will discover things about yourself that will exceed your wildest expectations.

✍️ Note: I really like here! Yes, failure itself does not define us! I got a strong conviction after the first time failure. I summarized my journey in my Medium post: https://medium.com/@kazuki_sf_/why-im-building-glasp-20884bb507e1

>> Learn to find internal sources of motivation and meaning – there’s nothing out there that will make you happy.

✍️ Note: 100% agree and resonated with this!

Thank you again!

Reference: https://glasp.co/#/kazuki/?p=0uvSb6kYOJwjOCr836g9

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